Announcing December BEMC Talk

Dear Berlin-area Epidemiological Methods Enthusiasts,

You are invited to our next BEMC Talk on Wednesday, December 5th.

BEMC Talk: Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 @ 4pm

“This talk has no title” – James Robins, Boston

  • We have reached capacity for the lecture hall. Please understand our inability to accept walk-ins today.
  • Description: “Dr. Robins is the Mitchell L. and Robin LaFoley Dong Professor of Epidemiology at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. He is a renowned epidemiologist and biostatistician, as well as an award-winning mentor. His contributions to quantitative methods helped define modern epidemiology. In addition to leading the movement to improve methods for causal inference in observational health research studies, Dr. Robins developed novel methods for evaluating time-varying exposures, including structural nested models and marginal structural models. His recent work has addressed diverse domains including higher order influence function estimators, identification of effects with instrumental variables, enhancing the validity of per-protocol analyses of trials, and integrating empirical and simulation studies. We offer no title for the talk because Dr. Robins’ public lectures are notoriously unpredictable, but they are reliably entertaining, provocative, and insightful.”
  • Location: Virchow-Saal, Philippstr. 11, Charité – Campus Mitte (this location is only for December)

Upcoming Berlin Epi Events:

  • Nov 14th @ 4pm – BEMC JClub  – Paper posted online
  • Dec 19th @ 4pm – BEMC JClub Cancelled. 
  • January – BEMC Events Cancelled. See you in February!
  • February 6th  – BEMC Talk  “Time-related biases and the use of propensity scores to address those” Lars Andersen, Copenhagen
  • Feb 14th @ 4pm – BEMC JClub  – Paper will be posted online in late January

Interested in other Institute of Public Health events? Visit our calendar to check out upcoming conferences & short courses!

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