The BEMC Journal Club (JClub) takes place every third Wednesday of the month from 4-6 pm in the seminar room of the Alte Nervenklinik at the Charité- Campus Mitte (Bonhoefferweg 3, same location as BEMC Talks)

Click here for the BEMC Journal Club Contribution Form

2018 Program

  • February 21st
    • Chang VW, Langa KM, Weir D, Iwashyna TJ. The obesity paradox and incident cardiovascular disease: A population-based study. PLoS One 2017; 12: e0188636. link to pdf
  • March 21st-TBA
  • April 11th- TBA (note, this one is the 2nd Weds of the month!)
  • May 16th- TBA
  • June 20th- TBA
  • July 18th- TBA
  • August -Summer break!
  • September 19th- TBA
  • October 17th- no JClub. Join us at the IPH Lecture (details to come)
  • November 21st- TBA
  • December 19th- TBA


The Details

Want to participate? No need to register, just show up prepared!

What to prepare? You will, of course, need to read the paper beforehand. To encourage fruitful discussion, we ask  everyone to contribute one or more questions/remarks about the paper via the following link: BEMC JClub Contribution Form. These remarks will be compiled and brought to the journal club (hard copy) to help facilitate discussion.

What will we read? The topics will vary from meeting to meeting. Sometimes, we will be inspired by the topic of the BEMC Talk, sometimes we will pick a recent paper from top epidemiology journals, and other times we will just pick a topic we like. In short, the program will be determined “as we go” by frequent attendees of the JClub. Do you have a suggestion or request? ==> Contact Bob. The paper will be announced in advance via this website and the BEMC mailing list at least 2 weeks before the meeting.

What is the level? Like the BEMC Talks, the BEMC JClub is not an introductory-level discussion group. All participants are expected to have experience with epidemiological methods (intermediate to advanced level). If you are unsure, please contact Bob Siegerink via email to discuss whether BEMC JClub participation is right for you.

What is the language? English.

How about credits? BEMC does not offer CME credits. However, it is possible to collect ECTS within the “Promotionsumgebung” of the Charité. To earn 3.5 ECTS, students must actively participate in the BEMC JClub for one year, which means attending at least 7 BEMC JClub meetings and submitting at least 3 thoughtful questions per meeting using the contribution form linked above. Remember: active participation requires an intermediate to advanced level of familiarity with epidemiological concepts.

Once you have submitted contributions for 7 BEMC JClub meetings and want to claim your 3.5 ECTS, simply email Bob Siegerink ( In this email, please outline which BEMC JClubs you attended, and attach the Teilnahmebescheinigung form from the Promotionsumgebung with all information filled out (i.e. Veranstaltungsart: BEMC JClub, Titel der Veranstaltung: Title of all 7 papers you discussed, number of teaching units: 20, Anbieter: BEMC/Bob Siegerink).