The Details

The BEMC Journal Club (JClub) takes place every third Wednesday of the month at 4pm (Berlin time, GMT+01:00) as a Zoom meeting (with some exceptions due to holidays). The JClub meetings are not recorded.

To prepare for BEMC JClub, we expect participants to read the journal article and submit 2-3 thoughtful questions per meeting via the BEMC JClub Contribution Form by 4pm on Monday before the meeting!

  • What do we read? The topics vary from meeting to meeting. Sometimes, we choose a paper that aligns with the topic of an upcoming BEMC Talk. Other times, we will select a recent methods-focused paper from a top epidemiology or statistical methods journal. We also take reading suggestions from our regular participants. We try to announce what we are reading at least one month in advance, so that we all have sufficient time to prepare.
  • What is the level? The BEMC JClub is not an introductory-level discussion group, and we select papers that beginners will likely find challenging.
  • Can I get credit for participating? Get all the details on our For Students’ page.
  • What is the language? All JClub meetings are held in English.
  • Where can I sign up? Use the registration link in the current JClub Schedule below.

JClub Summer 2023 Schedule

In the summer semester 2023 (from April to July 2023), we will host a digital journal club to read and discuss a selection of methods-focused scientific articles.

We will meet every third Wednesday of the month at 4:00 PM Berlin, Germany time via Zoom. JClub meetings are typically 90 minutes long. Since the meeting format is online, participants from any location and time zone are welcome to sign up! If you are interested in participating, please register by March 31, 2023 by completing this registration form.

Please note that space is limited, and we may need to put you on a waiting list depending on interest. Charité Health Data Sciences PhD program students will be prioritized. Even if you participated in this past winter semester JClub, don’t forget to sign up for summer semester! If you have any questions, please contact us at

Meeting dates and reading assignments are as follows:

Meeting DateReading Assignment
April 19, 2023Lesko CR, Fox MP, Edwards JK. A Framework for Descriptive Epidemiology. Am J Epidemiol 2022;191:2063–70.
May 17, 2023Matthay EC, Glymour MM. Causal Inference Challenges and New Directions for Epidemiologic Research on the Health Effects of Social Policies. Current Epidemiology Reports 2022;9:22–37.
June 21, 2023
Dekkers OM, Mulder JM. When will individuals meet their personalized probabilities? A philosophical note on risk prediction. Eur J Epidemiol 2020;35:1115–21.
July 19, 2023Maringe C, Benitez Majano S, Exarchakou A, Smith M, Rachet B, Belot A, et al. Reflection on modern methods: trial emulation in the presence of immortal-time bias. Assessing the benefit of major surgery for elderly lung cancer patients using observational data. Int J Epidemiol 2020;49:1719–29.

Note: There will be no BEMC JClub in December due to the holiday break.

Before 4pm on Monday before any of the meeting you plan to attend, don’t forget to submit 2-3 thoughtful questions/comments using this BEMC JClub Contribution Form.

For a list of articles we’ve read in past years, check out our archives available in the pulldown menu under “JCLUB.”