2022 Talks

February 2, 2022
​​Regression by Composition
Anders Huitfeldt, Rhian Daniel & Daniel Farewell, Odense, Denmark & Cardiff, Wales

March 2, 2022
Utility of Omics at Population Scale
Claudia Langenberg, Berlin, Germany

June 1, 2022
Modeling the Epidemiological Interactions Between Respiratory Viruses and Their Implications for Disease Control
Matthieu Domenech de Cellès, Berlin, Germany
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September 7, 2022
Empty Your Research Data File Drawer with fiddle
René Bernard, Berlin, Germany
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September 21, 2022
A Causal Perspective on Age-Education Correction in Cognitive Screening Tests
Marco Piccininni, Berlin, Germany
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October 5, 2022
Beyond Internal Validity: Field Notes From the Methodological Borderlands
Daniel Westreich, Chapel Hill, USA
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November 2, 2022
Use of the Case-Crossover Design in Air Pollution Accountability Studies
David Q. Rich, Rochester, USA
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December 7, 2022
Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies–Statistical Insights and Practical Applications
Annika Hoyer, Bielefeld, Germany
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