Announcing December BEMC Talk

Dear Berlin-area Epidemiological Methods Enthusiasts,

You are invited to our next BEMC Talk on Wednesday, December 4th.  

BEMC Talk: Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 @ 4pm

“Causal Decision Analysis of Benefits, Harms and Cost-effectiveness – Estimands, Outcomes, Models and More” – Uwe Siebert, Hall in Tirol, Austria

  • Please register online:
  • Description: “Decision analysis (or decision-analytic modeling) is a systematic approach to decision making under uncertainty that involves combining evidence for different estimands and outcomes from different study types and different sources in order to derive causal conclusions for future clinical, policy or research actions.
    This talk provides an overview on the concepts and methods of causal decision-analytic modeling as a tool for (1) benefit-harm analysis informing clinical guidelines and personalized medical decision making, (2) cost-effectiveness analysis informing reimbursement decision making and (3) value-of-information analysis for future research prioritization.
    Case examples of published decision analyses will be used to illustrate the fields of application, different model types, the importance of using causal model input parameters (particularly from real-world data), the choice of different estimands (e.g., from the ICH E9 framework) and their causal interpretations, approaches to integrate intercurrent events, as well as guidelines for best modeling practices, possible pitfalls in causal modeling, and future developments.
  • Location: Hertwig–Hörsaal (Zweigbibliothek Campus Charité Mitte – Medizinische Bibliothek der Charité), CCM 10117 Berlin
  • Map: (Look for our signs! It’s the same entrance as the CCM Medical Library, 1st floor)
  • Register here:
  • Note from Uwe Siebert: Want to hear more about modeling? –> SAVE THE DATE:

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