Announcing July BEMC Talk

Dear Berlin-area Epidemiological Methods Enthusiasts,

You are invited to our next BEMC Talk on Wednesday, July 3rd.

BEMC Talk: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 @ 4pm

Title: “Epidemiology as a toolbox to benefit the patient” – Suzanne Cannegieter, Leiden, Netherlands

  • Please register online:
  • Description: “In this lecture, I will discuss how the methods and techniques that we have learned as epidemiologists are applied to many different aspects of medical science. It is, however, not always clear how individual patients benefit from the large number of studies that are performed. From examples of my own research and the literature I will demonstrate how such knowledge eventually evolves from etiologic research into risk factors, via prognostic research in which all this knowledge is combined, toward therapeutic research in which optimal preventive or treatment strategies are developed. Finally I will discuss some pitfalls, and the effects they can have on this type of epidemiologic research.
  • Location: Seminar room 3 (of the Neurology Clinic); Bonhoefferweg 3 entrance, Charité – Campus Mitte

Upcoming Berlin Epi Events:

  • July- no JClub!
  • August 2019 – no BEMC Talk or JClub
  • September 4th – BEMC Talk – Malcolm Barrett **Location change for September BEMC Talk: Campus Virchow Clinic**
  • September 18th – BEMC JClub – Paper will be posted online
  • October 2nd – BEMC JClub – Paper will be posted online
  • Wednesday, October 23rd – IPH Lecture Partner event– John Gill from Vancouver

Interested in other Institute of Public Health events? Visit our calendar to check out upcoming conferences & short courses!

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