Announcing April BEMC Talk

Dear Berlin-area Epidemiological Methods Enthusiasts,

You are invited to our next BEMC Talk on Wednesday, April 3rd.

BEMC Talk: Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 @ 4pm

“One Size Does Not Fit All: Teaching Introductory Epidemiology” – Pamela Rist, Boston, USA

  • Please register online:
  • Description: “As epidemiological methods have advanced, there has been debate over whether introductory epidemiology courses should be updated to include more “modern” concepts or if the material covered in introductory courses should remain constant.  Additionally, introductory courses greatly differ in length and scope, and since they are offered to students with diverse backgrounds and career goals, it is unlikely that one static course will fit all students’ needs. Sometimes, ‘teaching’ epidemiology happens more informally outside the classroom, such as in small consultation sessions or even when coauthoring a manuscript. In this lecture, we will discuss important considerations when developing introductory epidemiology course material, examples of ways to incorporate modern epidemiology concepts, and strategies to tailor the instruction to fit your audience’s needs.”
  • Location: Neurology Seminar Room, Charite Campus Mitte, Bonhoefferweg 3, 1. Etage (look for our BEMC signs)

Upcoming Berlin Epi Events:

  • April 17th – BEMC JClub – Paper will be posted online
  • May 8th – BEMC Talk – “Machine Learning for Population-Based Health Studies” – Christoph Lippert, Potsdam
  • May 15th – BEMC JClub – Paper will be posted online
  • June 5th – BEMC Talk – “Cool applications in R for epidemiologists” – Jochen Kruppa, Berlin
  • June 19th – BEMC JClub – Paper will be posted online
  • July 3rd – BEMC Talk – Tentative title: “Pragmatic trials and lessons from venous thrombosis” – Suzanne Cannigieter, Leiden

Interested in other Institute of Public Health events? Visit our calendar to check out upcoming conferences & short courses!

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