Announcing October BEMC Talk

Dear Berlin-area Epidemiological Methods Enthusiasts,

You are invited to our next BEMC Talk on Wednesday, October 10th.

BEMC Talk: Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 @ 4pm

“Interactive DAGs: Exploring causality theory with Dagitty” – Dr. Johannes Textor (Nijmegen)

  • If you haven’t already done so, please register in advance:
  • Description: “DAGs can be useful to aid causal interpretation of observational data, but sensibly applying DAGs in practice can be very challenging. The talk will discuss (1) how we can test whether a DAG is mis-specified or inconsistent with a dataset; (2) how we can deal with the issue of statistical equivalence between DAGs; and (3) how we can conduct DAG-based analyses when the presence of latent confounders cannot be ruled out. Hands-on examples will be given that use the website ‘’ and the accompanying R package.”
  • Location: Seminar room of the Neurology Clinic; Bonhoefferweg 3 entrance, 3rd floor, Charité – Campus Mitte

Upcoming Berlin Epi Events:

  • Oct 17th @ 4pm – no JClub. Join us at the IPH Lecture with Maria Glymour, ScD, MS, Professor at UCSF School of Medicine, as she presents “Are we ready for a biomarker-only based diagnostic criterion for research in Alzheimer’s Disease?”.
  • November 7th – BEMC Talk – “Multi state modelling in chronic diseases”  – Dr. Ralph Brinks, Düsseldorf
  • December 5th – BEMC Talk – Professor James Robins, Boston

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