Mid-March update: JClub & Modeling nutritional data

Dear Epidemiological Methods Enthusiasts,

We have many exciting events coming up in the next several weeks and a few general announcements to share:

1. BEMC JClub: Weds., March 21st @ 4pm
After the fruitful discussion at last month’s journal club and Prof. Rauch’s Talk on competing risks, we again invite you to join us for our next methods-focused JClub.

  • Paper: Nienke A. de Glas, et al. Performing Survival Analyses in the Presence of Competing Risks: A Clinical Example in Older Breast Cancer Patients, JNCI (2016). https://doi.org/10.1093/jnci/djv366
  • Location: Seminar room of the Neurology Clinic (follow our signs); Bonhoefferweg 3, Charité – Campus Mitte
  • No need to register! Please contribute questions/remarks about the paper for discussion here: BEMC JClub Contribution Form.

2. BEMC Talk: Weds., April 4th @ 4pm
“Modeling of nutritional data”, Speaker: Dr. Sven Knüppel (DIfE, Potsdam)

  • Be sure to register in advance: https://goo.gl/forms/F1j3sUtxStZgVz3v1
    • Location: Seminar room of the Neurology Clinic (follow our signs); Bonhoefferweg 3, Charité – Campus Mitte
  • Description: “There is increasing interests in using mixed modeling that can provide estimates when complex data structures had been generated. One area of applying mixed models is the assessment of dietary intake that had been requested by several dietary assessment instruments. However, such modeling entails a multitude of challenges. In this BEMC talk, some of these challenges will be discussed and solutions presented. Experiences with the application of current statistical algorithms for estimating usual dietary intake are reported and the dietary assessment strategy of the German National Cohort (http://nako.de) will be shared.”

3. Mark your calendars for these upcoming Berlin epi events!
• April 11th @ 4pm – BEMC JClub – Paper will be posted online early April (note: as an exception, this time on 2nd Weds. of the month!)
• April 12-14th –IPH Intensive Short Course – “Principles and Methods of Epidemiology: Critiquing the Medical Literature” (Instructors: Julie Buring/Pamela Rist, Harvard) – Register here
• April 17th – @ 4pm IPH Lecture, Hörsaalruine, Virchowweg 16 – “The Complexity of Clinical Trials in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: An Investigator’s Perspective” – Prof. Julie Buring, Boston (Harvard) – Register here
• May 2nd @ 4pm – BEMC Talk – “SEM & latent class analysis in the context of chronic disease” -Prof. Michael Eid, Berlin
• August 20-24th –IPH Intensive Short Course – “Advanced Epidemiologic Methods – causal research and prediction modeling” (Instructors: Rolf Groenwold/Maarten van Smeden) – Register here

See you soon! -JR

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