For students

Interested in earning credit for active participation in BEMC Talks/IPH lectures and Jclubs?

The BEMC does not offer CME credits. However, it is possible for doctoral students to collect ECTS within the “Promotionsumgebung” of the Charité for active participation.

BEMC Talks and IPH lectures: To earn 2.5 ECTS, students must attend at least 7 BEMC Talks/IPH lectures in one year (be sure to sign in on our attendance sheet – you can start at any point in the year as long as you attend 7 talks within the next 12-14 months) and submit a 250 word summary of the key points from these BEMC Talks/IPH lectures using the form linked below. Collecting partial ECTS points for individual talks is not possible.

BEMC Talk/IPH Lecture summary form

Once you have provided proof of 1 year of active participation (i.e. have submitted summaries for at least 7 BEMC Talks/IPH lectures) and want to claim your 2.5 ECTS, email us at bemcolloquium >at< In this email, please list dates/titles/speakers of the BEMC Talks/IPH lectures you attended.

BEMC JClub: Active participation requires an intermediate to advanced level of familiarity with epidemiological concepts. To earn 3.5 ECTS, students must actively participate in the BEMC Journal Club for one year, which means attending at least 7 BEMC JClub meetings and submitting at least 3 thoughtful questions per meeting using the contribution form linked below.

Click here for the BEMC Journal Club Contribution Form

Once you have submitted contributions for 7 BEMC JClub meetings and want to claim 3.5 ECTS, email us at bemcolloquium >at< In this email, please provide the dates and article titles for the BEMC JClubs you attended.

Note: we are happy to issue you participation certificates for multiple years of active participation; however, we cannot guarantee that your PhD program will offer you credit for multiple years of participation. Please check this with them ahead of time.